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3D Design Los Angeles; Working from a penciled napkin idea to a working prototype, we create detailed, 3 dimensional drawings with high precision, ready for manufacturing, providing unparalleled levels of 3D Design and computer aided drafting services.

Imagination comes naturally, but creation requires initiative, so take the first step and give us a call! We have the knowledge and experience to bring your ideas to life.   714.888.5621

-3D Design Los Angeles-

How 3D Drawings Increase Efficiency:

3 dimensional drawings allow for a richer interaction between the designer and the model, stimulating better design ideas through enriched visualization capabilities. 3D models give designers the freedom to explore conceptual and hypothetical design alterations. Manipulating a design on a virtual model is more cost effective as opposed to doing it post production.  3D drawings will not only enrich your design, but also reduce the likelihood of wasting time and money on a faulty product.

Once your product is created in a 3D cad drawing, a wide variety of 3rd party products can be utilized such as stress analysis, animation, conceptual rendering, CNC tool paths, for a more comprehensive analysis.

 Why Outsource?

Modeling and design representation tools require an individual with a large library of knowledge relating to the tools and processes of the software. Companies can often have an entire division of technical individuals whose sole purpose is to model designs. By using a third party to efficiently and correctly represent the designs in both 2D and 3D allows the development team to focus on constraints and specifications

How We Do It Better:

The 3D CAD modeling platforms we support will link themselves to a three dimensional assembly and to a two dimensional drawing files, so once you make a change anywhere in the design process, all of the linked files will update automatically. This is a tremendous benefit in the reduction of failure rate for any design process. This unique feature also allows us to save our customers time and money.  By integrating the files, we eliminate the need to perform menial tasks making the overall design process more efficient

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Drawing skills for Industrial Design artists

Avoid Fees And Commissions In New Ideas Development

CAD Drafting and Prototype ServicesAnother tip for succeeding with your idea is to make it presentable and then market it. There are several firms out there that will charge you some fee for marketing your idea but try to avoid them. Such firms are not reliable and can be expensive. Bring out your creative side and try to market the idea yourself. Once you have decided to market the idea yourself it is time to make it presentable. For instance if you have an idea about an amazing food recipe just do not go out and pitch the idea by telling that you have a food recipe. Make the food yourself take its pictures list down ingredients and also determine what age groups will love it the most. Think of its name and try to add some characteristics to make it presentable. It is all about pitching your idea. You basically have to hypnotize the investor in loving your product and it can only be done if your idea is presentable and worthy of considering.

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